Rod information: The following may help or simply discribe the rod you want in as much detail as you feel necessary and send it to me. From the information you provide, I will develop a sample discription and send it back to you for your review.

What type of rod are you interested in?

What kind of blank do you desire? Graphite, fiberglass, composite etc.

Length, type (Cork, EVA foam, graphite, etc.
Style, type, and manufacture preferences.

What length and type ie Cork, EVA foam etc.

Type, size or style.

Style, type, color of frames etc.            

Thread colors for the guide wraps.


His Rod Shop Contact Information Form Instructions:

Provide your contact information, i.e. email, phone, fax, US mail address or however you want to be contacted.

Kind or Type of Fishing Rod:
Tell me what kind of Fishing Rod you wish to purchase, discuss or have repaired.  I Design and Build most all types of Fishing Rods except Bamboo.  I repair and refurbish most all types of Fishing Rods including Bamboo.

Kind of fishing you want to do:
I.E. Spey Fishing, Fly Fishing, Spinning Fishing, Sturgeon Fishing, Halibut Fishing, Salmon Jigging, Salmon Downrigger or Mooching Fishing, Trout Steam and Trout Lake, Bass Fishing, Steelhead Fishing, Ice Fishing and etc..

Do you have a preference regarding type and manufacture of blank, Length of the finished Rod, number of sections, color, type of handle, type of Reel Seat, Type and Kind of guides, Type of Grip, Cork, EVA Foam, Hypalon, Custom Materials, etc..

I will provide Pricing and Delivery information after developing a specification for the rod you desire.  I consider it a privelege to discussing the fishing rod of your interest.

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