Joe Kassuba

Fishing rods and fishing are one of my passions. I have been designing and building fishing rods since 1975. About 15 years ago I began repairing and modifying fishing rods. I have found all aspects of fishing rod design, building and repairing very satisfying and challenging.

I have an intimate knowledge of all of the components and parts used for making fresh and saltwater fishing rods. If you need a lightweight fly rod for trout fishing or a Spey fly rod I can design and build one that meets your specifications. Or perhaps your need is a custom spinning or level wind fishing rod for Bass, Trout, Walleyes, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Salmon or Halibut.

I have proven my custom rods in the waters on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. And over the years while fishing the great waters of the northwest. I invite you to view some of the photos in our gallery page.

I have designed and built a series of lightweight fiberglass spinning rods for children. These make great gifts for a child and you will get the pleasure of taking a kid fishing.

I have done quite a bit of rod restoration and refurbishment.

Perhaps you need one or more rod guides rewound or replaced.

Give me a call or send me and email telling me what your interests or needs are for fishing rods. I will do my best to answer you with the information you request. I will always provide a not to exceed estimate for your approval.

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